We enable the climate transition

Electricity networks play a very important role in the transition to a sustainable and fossil-free society. Without a modern electricity system, the growing electricity demand in society cannot be met. By providing digitised, modern and robust electricity networks that are highly reliable, we enable the climate transition.


The new generation of smart electricity meter – for everyone

One of Ellevio's largest projects to date is to install new smart electricity meters at all customer premises, by end of 2023 The new meters are an important piece of the puzzle for the sustainable energy system of the future and will, among other things, be able to contribute to fewer power outages and the need for call outs, an increased proportion of connected renewable energy and opportunities for new smart energy services.

Investments – an urgent necessity

The Swedish electricity network needs to be modernised. This means that investments in our electricity network are one of the most important things we do. In 2021, we invested SEK 3.6 billion in the electricity network.

Swedish electricity network companies, both state, private and municipal companies as well as electricity associations, are facing record-breaking investments that are necessary to cope with the transition to the increased electricity dependence required for Sweden to achieve its climate targets. According to a report from Sweco 2022, SEK 670 billion is required in investments in the electricity system until 2045. During the period 2017–2021, Ellevio has invested approximately SEK 16 billion. A prerequisite for these investments is that it is possible to attract capital and that the framework governing the electricity network investments is long-term, stable and predictable.

Electrification of transport and industry

The electrification of the transport sector is an important and priority issue for the future, and Ellevio supports the Swedish vision of a fossil-free vehicle fleet by 2030.

The climate and environmental effects of an electric vehicle fleet will be huge. In addition to reducing carbon dioxide emissions, the local environment will also have better air quality and reduced traffic noise. But the transition requires a rapid and extensive expansion of charging options, such as street charging.

To contribute to the build-out, Ellevio offers charging post operators – such as companies, municipalities and associations – to take overall responsibility for the establishment of new charging stations. This includes planning, permit application, excavation and connection. We call this service Smart Laddinfra, which involves the cost-effective establishment of charging infrastructure in the street environment.

The transition of Sweden's industry from fossil fuels is another prerequisite for Sweden to achieve its climate targets. The industry's roadmaps within Fossil-Free Sweden show that electricity is the solution. This places high and new demands on Sweden's electricity grid. As one of Sweden's largest electricity network companies, Ellevio has an important role in this transition.

Climate-smart energy solutions

We want to be a driving force in electrification and help our customers in the transition. This is why the Ellvio Group launched a new business area in 2022: Ellevio Energy Solutions. The new business area offers comprehensive support for companies and businesses that want to switch to an electrified, fossil-free business. Read more about Ellevio Energy Solutions.

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Updated 7 July 2022

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