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Ellevio provides the information on these web pages (hereinafter referred to as the "Website") in order to provide its customers and visitors with good service and easily accessible information.

All material on the website is protected by copyright and trademark laws in Sweden. The names, figures, logos and trademarks appearing on the website are the property of Ellevio. These may only be used if Ellevio has given permission to use them.

Improper use or dissemination of the material on the Site may result in violation of copyright law, trademark law, or other law relating to the protection of other associated property, in which case penalties or damages are determined in accordance with applicable law.


The materials on the Site is provided in its existing state and Ellevio makes no warranties of any kind, including warranties of the material's fitness for a particular purpose or that use of the materials will not infringe the intellectual property rights of others. In cases where the website refers to a website belonging to a third party, such reference is only intended as a service to the user and Ellevio assumes no responsibility for the website of another party or for its content or accuracy.

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We recommend having the latest version or a major version back for it to work well. This means that if the latest version is 12, you should have version 11.0 or newer.




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Other browsers

Ellevio.se and our Services may work with different or older versions of browsers and operating systems than those we recommend. However, we cannot guarantee that they will work flawlessly and we do not provide support for any problems with browsers or operating systems other than those we recommend. We advise you not to use beta versions of browsers as these are still in development.

Google Recaptcha

To protect ourselves from spam attacks and unauthorized use of our services with the help of software robots (automated programs), we use Google's service Recaptcha.

The service is used to prevent spam attacks and automated attempts to submit data by analyzing the behavior of the visitor. The analysis begins automatically and takes place in the background as soon as the visitor starts using our website. Recaptcha analyzes a variety of information, such as IP numbers, how long the visitor has been on the site, mouse movements, and more. The data collected is then passed on to Google.

The use of Recaptcha and the data it collects is supported by Art. 6 (1) (f) GDPR. This means that we, as the owner of the website, have the right to protect our website from automated spam and other attacks.

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