Sustainability at Ellevio

Ensuring a reliable electricity supply is an essential role in society. Electricity networks are also decisive for achieving climate targets. This means that as one of Sweden's largest electricity network companies, Ellevio has an absolutely crucial role in creating a sustainable society for the future.


By building and maintaining a modern and flexible electricity network, we ensure the delivery of electricity to households, companies and societal functions, while at the same time creating the conditions for the necessary electrification of transport and industry. Together with customers and partners, we also develop climate-smart energy solutions with the ambition of being a driving force towards an electrified, sustainable society.

Sustainability is also about us running our own business in a responsible way. We want to be a role model and meet the high demands for responsibility and business ethics from our stakeholders.

Through our core business, we enable the climate transition, and our internal sustainability work can be divided into environmental, social and economic sustainability. All these aspects are interdependent.

Besides complying with legislation, Ellevio's sustainability strategy and sustainability work involves taking our social responsibility by identifying our key sustainability issues, integrating them into the business and driving continuous improvement.

We take an active role in enabling a fossil-free society by transforming today's electricity grid into tomorrow's sustainable energy system. This creates the conditions for the energy transition and a fossil-free society by 2045. By building smart energy infrastructure, we lay the foundation for the growing society and its increasing demand for clean energy.

To further support the energy transition and create growth opportunities, we create climate-smart energy solutions together with customers and strategic partners.

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Our approach to environmental sustainability has two dimensions. It includes our contribution to the transition to a sustainable energy system as well as our internal work to minimise our own footprint on climate, environment and natural resources.

Our work to gradually reduce our impact on the environment includes reducing our direct and indirect emissions of greenhouse gases, using climate and environment-adapted materials, promoting biodiversity and placing demands on our suppliers and contractors.

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Our social responsibility involves being a good social actor that drives the development of a sustainable energy system and takes into account the health, safety, well-being and equal opportunities of employees and other people.

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In order to contribute to the development of both society and our business, we need financial responsibility. We must ensure a financially stable business that is conducted as efficiently and professionally as possible. At the same time, we work to ensure a long-term and appropriate electricity grid regulation that creates the conditions for us to be able to access the capital required for our core mission.

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Updated 7 July 2022

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