Are you a supplier or contractor?

The Purchasing Department is responsible for all procurements related to goods, services as well as civil works.

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Here you can find contact information to the Purchasing Department as well as information regarding up-coming procurements and a short presentation of what we require from our suppliers.

How to become a contractor or supplier to Ellevio

We publish all our procurement projects in e-Avrop, which is a public database for procurement, and a procurement system where documents are available and tenders are being submitted. There you will find all the demands and requirements Ellevio puts on our suppliers and contractors. What information we need and how to certify this is given in detail by the respective procurement ad. Common to all of them is our “Supplier Code of Conduct”. Register your company in e-Avrop to see all Ellevio's ongoing procurement projects, it is free of charge for a supplier.

In addition, we share our long-term investment planning on this page, see our planned procurements.

Do you want to get in touch with the Purchasing Department?

Stefan Ytterbom
Head of Purchasing
+46 70- 865 69 82

Eric Coulibaly
Head of Procurement/Contractors
+46 70- 965 20 74

Anders Carnbro
Purchasing Analyst (Act) /Controller

Johanna Eneman
Category Manager / Indirect material and services
+46 70- 875 89 86

Kristoffer Opitz
Category Manager / Consultants
+46 70- 865 67 41

Lars Niia
Category Manager / IT, AMM and Communication
+46 72-986 86 46

Lou Jägerup
Contract Manager
+46 72- 546 53 75

Magnus Aldén
Service Manager
+46 70-181 66 05

Peter Vilhelmsson
Strategic Purchaser/Contractors
+46 73- 387 25 43

Sven Wiberg
Strategic Purchaser/Contractors
+46 72-986 96 06

Sara Lange
Strategic Purchaser (Act) /Contractors,
+46 73-334 74 40

Petra Hyltmark
Strategic Purchaser/Contractors
+46 72-700 18 06

Elsie Wallin
Category Manager/Strategic material
+46 72-986 96 45

Magnus Nissle
Strategic Purchaser/Strategic material
+46 76 133 32 25

Text updated: 15 December 2021

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