Sweden's largest battery energy storage solution crucial for increased electricity from wind and solar

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The electricity network company Ellevio is diversifying its business to help industry and companies become fossil-free through electrification. The first investment is Sweden's largest Battery Energy Storge Solution (BESS) that enables more renewable energy in the electricity system and a better electricity network balance.

Electricity is a prerequisite for societal development and achieving climate policy goals. Sweden will consume more than twice as much electricity in the next 25 years, from the current 140 TWh to approximately 310 TWh in 2045.

The most important energy source for new electricity generation capacity during this time is wind power. But the amount of electricity supplied to the electricity grid depends on how much the wind blows. It creates a kind of yo-yo effect in the electricity flow that makes it more difficult to maintain the all-important frequency of 50 Hz in the electricity system. If the system becomes unbalanced, there is a risk of disturbance that can both be costly and have dangerous consequences.

- If we are to transition to a more sustainable society, we must try to ensure that the electricity flow in the network is stable. This is why we are now building Sweden’s largest Battery Energy Storge Solution (BESS) of 10 MW, which will be located in Grums, in western Sweden. The main function of the system is to better balance the national grid networks. It is an important and exciting step in our journey to create energy solutions that help to transition our energy system, says Kristofer Fröjd, Head of Business Development and Strategy at Ellevio.

Background – new business area

The storage solution is the first step in a completely new business area for Ellevio – Sweden’s largest pure electricity network company, which has until now focused only on electricity networks. The idea of the diversified offering is to provide comprehensive support to companies that need to switch to electrified, fossil-free operations. With the help of a toolbox that now extends beyond electricity network services, Ellevio will offer complete solutions within industry networks, energy storage, flexibility and charging solutions.

- We see great market demand when it comes to support in the electrification process. Many players in, for example, the transport sector and industry are switching from fossil fuels to electricity, but their core competence is in their own operations and industry and not necessarily in energy solutions. This is where we come in. In close dialogue with our customers, we can offer solutions that suit their individual needs, says Johan Lindehag, CEO of Ellevio.

Ellevio Energy Solutions is a sister company to Ellevio AB.

Updated: 16 April 2024

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