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Ellevio is concerned about the serious security situation in Europe and the human suffering caused by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. We are continuously monitoring the situation, working according to the action plans we have and are in close contact with relevant authorities.

This is a brief overview on how the war affects us as a company, and how we are responding.

  • Ellevio has no operations of its own in Russia or Ukraine. We have no direct business contracts with Russia.
  • We currently see no impact on our operations and ability to deliver electricity and serve our customers. We see no immediate impact on the availability of materials needed for repairs, maintenance or the continuing implementation of ongoing and planned projects. We continuously monitor developments and will adapt as needed.
  • For Ellevio, safety is always a priority and an integral part of our business. The current security situation has prompted Ellevio to increase security in general, which means increased controls, surveillance, and preparedness. We have initiated a dialogue with relevant authorities, including the state owned grid enterprise Svenska kraftnät, on security issues.
  • Ellevio only owns electricity networks in Sweden. Svenska kraftnät is responsible for connections with Europe and the transmission of electricity between countries. Electricity flow between countries at any given time can be monitored on Svenska kraftnät’s website: Kontrollrummet | Svenska kraftnät ( (in Swedish)
  • Swedish domestic electricity production is based on three main branches: nuclear power, hydropower, and wind power. There is a generally low exposure to the Russian energy market. The connection with Europe and the European energy market, on the other hand, means that Swedish electricity prices can be affected by the war. Ellevio does not produce or sell electricity, we only distribute electricity through our electricity networks.
  • The Swedish energy system has a low dependence on gas. There is only a gas network in certain defined geographies in the country.

For more information, visit for information from the Swedish authorities about the war in Ukraine: The war in Ukraine –

Updated: 16 April 2024

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