Startup 4 Climate for the energy transition

An important step towards a sustainable future is to reduce emissions from the energy we use. There is no shortage of human innovation and smart solutions, but sometimes something more is needed for good ideas to take off. That is why we at Ellevio are arranging the Startup 4 Climate competition together with the electricity supplier GodEl.

The innovation competition is aimed at young companies with innovations that can accelerate the energy transition and contribute to limiting global warming.

The energy transition includes initiatives that promote the transition from current energy and transport systems to solutions that are smarter, more efficient and have the ability to reduce humanity's negative impact on planet Earth.

The winning startups in Startup 4 Climate are awarded a prize of SEK 2 million that will help catalyze the ideas and thus contribute to the energy transition.

Why an innovation competition?

As two of the Swedish energy market's most well-known players, we and GodEl have a great responsibility to shape the industry's future. We want to promote the transition to a truly sustainable energy system, but we cannot do it alone.

Innovation and broad engagement are important to curb the global climate crisis. With Startup 4 Climate, we want to contribute to developing more initiatives that can enable us to achieve our common goals for a sustainable future.

Winners 2023

Från vänster: Jan Skoldhammer och Stefan Björklund, Novige, Johan Lindehag, Ellevio, Lina Bertling Tjernberg, KTH, Stefan Krook, Goodcause, Claes Kollberg och Oscar Hållén, Cemvision.
From left: Jan Skoldhammer and Stefan Björklund, Novige, Johan Lindehag, Ellevio, Lina Bertling Tjernberg, KTH, Stefan Krook, Goodcause, Claes Kollberg and Oscar Hållén, Cemvision.

The winners of the 2023 competition were the start-ups Cemvision and Novige, which convinced the jury with fossil-free, circular and energy-efficient cement and a combined wave, solar and wind power solution, respectively. Two revolutionary contributions to the energy transition and climate work.

Winners 2022

Jury och vinnare Startup 4 Climate 2022
The jury together with the winners of Startup 4 Climate 2022

Nitrocapt produces fertilizer without fossil fuels and Helios Innovations creates energy-efficient evaporation in industry.

Winners 2021

Flower (formerly Krafthem) creates virtual power plants and Ligna Energy makes batteries from wood pulp.

Winners 2020

Peafowl Plasmonics develops small solar cells and Enjay has created an energy recovery system for restaurants.

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updated on 7 June 2024

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