Startup 4 Climate for the energy transition

An important step towards a sustainable future is to reduce emissions from the energy we use. Thankfully, there is no shortage of human innovation and smart solutions, but sometimes a little something may be needed for even good ideas to take off. For that reason, we at Ellevio, together with the electricity supplier GodEl, are now running the Startup 4 Climate competition, to highlight some of the best energy solutions of the future.


Startup 4 Climate is aimed at young companies with ideas that can speed up the energy transition and steer the development towards the global goal of 1,5-degree warming.

The energy transition encompasses initiatives that promote the switch from current energy and transport systems to solutions that are smarter, more efficient and have the ability to reduce humanity’s negative impact on planet earth.

The winning startups are granted a SEK 2 million prize to help catalyze their ideas and contribute to the energy transition.

What’s in it for GodEl & Ellevio?

As two of the Swedish energy market’s most well-known actors, we have a great responsibility in shaping the future of the sector. We want to promote the transition to a truly sustainable energy system, but we can’t do it alone.

Innovation and wide-spread engagement are key aspects for curbing the global climate crisis. Therefore we want to catalyze more actors and contribute to initiatives that can enable our common goals for a sustainable future.

The winners 2022

Jury and Winners of Startup 4 Climate 2022
Jury and Winners of Startup 4 Climate 2022

Nitrocapt is a Swedish cleantech chemical company developing a novel sustainable chemical process for the fixation of nitrogen from the air. The process uses air, water and renewable energy to produce emission free fertilizers for a more sustainable agricultural sector.

Helios Innovations is aiming to make one of the world’s most energy intensive processes, evaporation, more energy efficient. The team has developed a new vaporization technology that harnesses waste heat to vaporize industrial liquids, using energy that would otherwise be wasted.

The winners 2021

John Diklev, vd och grundare för Krafthem som vinner 1 miljon kronor i Startup 4 Climate. Foto Christian Åslund

Flower (formerly Krafthem) started in 2020 with their minds set to drastically increase available flexibility in the power grid to support the renewable electrification of everything. Through their virtual power plant, they create a platform that connects owners of EVs, energy storage, solar panels, heating and more, with those in need of flexibility. By applying the use of AI they are able to make smart improvements to an ever more decentralised energy system.

Through their innovation, they have made being part of the energy transition an exciting upgrade for consumers, combining an attractive, low effort offer for users while providing an essential service for keeping society’s electricity system working smoothly in an increasingly complex energy landscape.

Peter Ringstad, vd på Ligna Energy som vinner 1 miljon i Startup 4 Climate. Foto Christian Åslund.png

In order to create a sustainable energy system based on intermittent energy sources, we must find a solution for our energy storage needs. Ligna Energy is a company based in Norrköping with the mission to make energy storage sustainable. Although an essential part of the energy transition, batteries are often linked to harmful practices during the extraction of raw materials.

By substituting conventional practices with bio-based materials from Swedish forests, Ligna Energy is paving the way for growing the energy storage segment at a minimum cost for the environment. Their innovation seeks out business opportunities across the scale, from small sensor-powered applications to large scale energy storage, including several key components of a future energy system: electrification, IoT and renewable energy sources.

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