Robust electricity supply to 1 million customers

Ellevio is one of Sweden's largest electricity network companies. We secure the delivery of electricity to homes, workplaces and societal functions through long-term sustainable electricity networks and the development of a climate-smart energy system. Through our networks, electricity flows from both large-scale power production and domestic solar panels.


A secure and uninterrupted electricity supply is our core mission, and the reliability of our electricity networks was 99.99 percent in 2021. Our almost 1 million customers are located in Dalarna, Gävleborg, Halland, Värmland, Örebro, Västra Götaland and the Stockholm region. About 86 percent are households and 14 percent are businesses.

Our electricity networks are a total of 79,200 kilometres long. This corresponds to almost two revolutions around the earth. We have four local networks (a total of 72,500 kilometres) and two regional networks (a total of 6,700 kilometres).

Energy services and investments for the future

We want to create the electricity system of the future and contribute to a sustainable society. We do this first and foremost by ensuring a reliable electricity supply, but also by offering and developing climate-smart energy solutions. For business customers, it may be about enabling the electrification of industries and transport. For households, we create added value through, among other things, smart electricity meters and solutions for installing solar cells and charging electric vehicles.

If Sweden is to cope with the energy transition required to achieve the national climate goals, the electricity grids must be modernised. This means that investments in our electricity network are one of the most important things Ellevio does. During the period 2017–2021, we invested approximately SEK 16 billion into our electricity networks.

More robust electricity networks with smart electricity meters

In the smart electricity network of the future, we can collect, convey, store and analyse information from thousands of measuring points. The smart meters that we install give us more information and a better overview of the state of the electricity grid. This means that errors can be detected and remedied faster and with better customer information. In the long run, the goal is fewer and shorter breaks, and If customers want to connect solar panels to the network, the meter is prepared for it. Smart electricity meters also provide the opportunity for real-time electricity use information, which can be used for the smart control of technology in the home, such as electric car charging and heat regulation. Such control can create flexibility in the electricity grid and contribute to solving the capacity challenge in Stockholm.

Information from Ellevio AB, 

Updated 30 June 2022

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