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Our social responsibility involves taking into account the health, safety, well-being and equal opportunities of employees and other people. We must also be a good actor in society that meets expectations from partners, customers, authorities and other stakeholders. To succeed in this, we work with health and safety, employee engagement, responsible purchasing and dialogue with local communities.


Safe and healthy workplaces

The safety of those who work for Ellevio is always put first and we have a zero vision for accidents and work-related illnesses. Ellevio has a monthly follow-up of work environments that includes both reactive and proactive key figures that are reported to management and the board. Communication on work environments and any incidents that occur takes place continuously to all employees and contractors.

Our safety culture must be well rooted in the company and those who work on behalf of us in our electricity network operations and health and safety are therefore central issues in our operations. The follow-up of accidents, incidents and risk observations takes place in a deviation management system.

To prevent accidents and sick leave, audits and field visits are carried out. Since 2017, these have been followed up with a sustainability index (Sustainability Index) which covers nine areas within health, safety and the environment and how well these are met.

Attractive employer

Creating good working conditions is essential for Ellevio to be able to attract, recruit, develop and retain the best and most competent employees and be able to meet the needs of today and tomorrow. Ellevio must be an attractive employer – a first choice for experienced engineers, highly qualified employees, managers and recent graduates.

We must have an inclusive corporate culture, where diversity contributes to success, and we live our values – reliability, commitment and development. We conduct systematic work to promote equal treatment, inclusion and equal gender distribution, and work methodically and preventively to counteract discrimination and harassment.

Employee development is followed up in Ellevio's Performance Development process, where we strive for a continuous dialogue between managers and employees that addresses the employee's performance, well-being and development plan. All employees must attend a training in collective intelligence to promote cooperation through a common methodology.

The work of creating good working conditions and commitment is followed up through monthly employee updates that provide a clear picture of the employees' mood, commitment and workload, among other things.

Responsible purchasing and business ethics

It is important for Ellevio to live up to the demands and expectations of customers and other stakeholders – and make us deserve their trust. Ellevio's Code of Conduct describes our basic ethical guidelines and core values, how we behave towards others and each other, how we do business and how we protect the company's assets. The code is a compass for how Ellevio’s values are to be put into practice and ensures that employees live up to the company's high demands. We also have a special Code of Conduct for suppliers and partners.

Download our Code of Conduct for Suppliers and Partners.

Dialogue with local communities

In our projects, it is important that we inform and obtain knowledge and perspectives from local stakeholders. This minimises potential negative impacts on the environment and the people and companies affected by our work. We follow a communication policy for electricity network projects, which in short means that the communication must be clear, simple and accurate.

We recognize that the there is a need to improve workplace safety in the electricity network industry as a whole. No chain is stronger than its weakest link, which is why Ellevio works for a safer industry through cooperation with suppliers and within industry associations.

Our initiative, the Ellevio Safety Award, aims to recognize the importance of systematic safety work and reward ideas that contribute to a better safety culture in the electricity network industry. The 2021 award was awarded to the contractor Vattenfall Services for their work in behavioural safety together with Ellevio. This initiative has led to significantly fewer accidents and in the last two years had no accident that led to sick leave.

Ellevio is, as the first electricity network company, since 2019 connected to the construction industry's safety initiative Håll Nollan (Keep Zero), which aims to reduce workplace accidents on construction sites. Ellevio's Safety Program Safe Workplace was awarded the Håll Nollan Work Environment Award 2021.

Ellevio's operations are conducted in a monopoly position, which entails a great responsibility towards our stakeholders and to society. We work hard to live up to the requirements and expectations of our customers and other stakeholders. We want to earn their trust.

Our values – reliability, commitment, and development – serves as a compass for all employees and permeate everything we do. Consideration for the health, safety, well-being and equal opportunities of employees and other people are key issues in our operations. Ellevio strives to be an inclusive, secure and attractive employer.

The Ellevio Code of Conduct guides our behaviour. In order to ensure compliance with the Code we continuously conduct training, workplace meetings and internal audits. Since 2020, all employees are required to sign the Code of Conduct annually.

In our Code of Conduct for Suppliers and Partners, we set minimum requirements for all Ellevio's suppliers and partners. The Code is based on the principles in the UN Global Compact and is divided into four sections: Human Rights, Labour Law, Environment and Business Ethics.

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