Environmental Management System

Ellevio is an ISO14001:2015 certified company, which is the most common certification of environmental management systems. We have a continuous programme that covers the entire company in order to to ensure that our operations are compliant towards the standard.

Reporting and monitoring

Each year external and internal audits are performed including an assessment of environmental aspects in order to identify specific products, activities and services where Ellevio have significant impact on the environment. Furthermore, the company’s sustainability KPIs, including environmental targets, are continuously monitored, measured and reported to the Board of Directors as well as in the company’s sustainability report. For specific high risk areas such as oil pits and oil cables specific environmental programs are designed.

Ellevio uses an external supplier Ramboll where we monitor, evaluate and follow up on the environmental laws and regulations that apply to our operations.

A key group at Ellevio, appointed by the Sustainability Manager, conducts an audit of law compliance once a year. In addition to this, random samples are carried out in different projects to ensure compliance in the field. The purpose of this procedure is to ensure that the company has knowledge of relevant legislation and other requirements, is informed about changes to the legislation and monitors compliance with the legislation.

All forms of accidents and incidents, including environmental are reported and documented. Corrective actions are performed on all reported environmental accidents and incidents. In addition, being ISO 14001:2015 certified motivates us to constantly improve our environmental performance.

Training and communication

All employees, regardless of role, are offered a training and awareness program regarding environment. The program is currently under development in order to be more accessible for all our employees. In addition, the company targets important groups in Ellevio, such as project leaders for investment program, in order to provide more in-depth and specific training depending on their role and impact on environmental issues.

As to Ellevios internal and external communication on environmental management issues, the company publish a sustainability letter four times a year to all employees and consultants, publish articles on our intranet about our environmental performance, as well as provides information during the company’s quarterly meetings. Externally the company publish once a year an integrated annual and sustainability report.

Roles and responsibilities

The management team has overall responsibility for the establishment, implementation and evaluation of Ellevio's environmental management system. The Sustainability manager is responsible for coordinating the environmental management system.

A specific Board committee for sustainability has been established to enhance governance and efficiency. The Sustainability Committee is responsible for assessing the Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) strategy, monitoring HSE performance in relation to set targets, identifying key areas of improvement and encouraging greater awareness of the importance of HSE.

Stakeholder analysis

As per the requirements of the ISO-certification Ellevio is committed to perform recurring stakeholder analysis. Theses analysis is in sync with the stakeholder analysis required by the GRI-standard.

In 2017 a joint stakeholder analysis was executed and in total, four employees from Ellevio and six external stakeholders were interviewed. During the interviews open questions were asked about Ellevio, the electricity market and important issues for Ellevio to work with. All respondents also got to score 28 different sustainability issues based on how important they consider it to be that Ellevio communicates on these issues.

The overall impression of the interviews is that Ellevio's monopoly position implies a special responsibility that raises expectations of the company's sustainability work and external communication on sustainability issues.

The next stakeholder analysis will be conducted during the spring of 2020.

Information from Ellevio AB, 

Updated 8 December 2021

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