Ellevio’s objective is to minimise the long term cost of capital and maximize the value of the company while ensuring access to debt financing at all times.

Debt philosophy

For its secured debt (Class A), the company targets to maintain a financial risk profile that is consistent with Investment Grade Rating (minimum BBB-/Baa3) at all times.

Debt should be diversified in terms of duration, counterparts, markets and instruments used, and structured in such a way that Ellevio’s business plan and long-term targets can be met.

Low yielding cash positions should be minimized and excess cash used for interest payment under shareholder loans and or dividend distribution. However, Ellevio shall always have access to a Liquidity Reserve consisting of cash, short term bank deposits and undrawn committed bank lines maturing beyond the next 12 months, to meet its short term capital needs.

Public bonds issued

Notes Amount (SEK) Maturity Reference % ISIN-number
FLO 2,500,000,000 28-02-2024 Stibor 3M XS1562583341
FIX 1,708,000,000 28-02-2024 2.24 XS1562583937
FIX* 4,000,000,000 12-02-2025 2.88 XS1768718576
FLO 650,000,000 11-06-2027 Stibor 3M XS2178807893
FLO** 350,000,000 11-06-2027 Stibor 3M XS2219653453
FIX 1,000,000,000 11-06-2027 1.73 XS2187708198
FIX 3,000,000,000     01-06-2029  4.53        XS2630500887
FIX 1,450,000,000 16-01-2032 4.23     XS2748854242
FLO 1,550,000,000 16-01-2032 Stibor 3M XS2748854671

* Class B
** To be included in security XS2187707893

Capital Structure

External debt

MSEK 40,597, Class A and B

Debt maturity profile

Interest maturity profile

Data in diagrams refer to December 31, 2023.

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