Annual & Sustainability Report 2022

Welcome to our annual and sustainability report for 2022! Here we have listed some of the most interesting chapters. You can also download the entire report.

”Investments in the electricity network cannot be neglected."

Sweden needs more fossil-free electricity production, expanded electricity grids, smart system solutions and energy efficiency. Ellevio's role in society is more important than ever and investments in the electricity grids cannot be neglected.

2022 in brief

Energy crisis and war in Europe, major investment needs in the electricity networks mapped, new business area formed within the Ellevio group and AMF as new owner. These are some of the most important events in 2022.

Together we electrify Sweden

Ellevio creates the sustainable electricity system of the future and develops climate-smart energy solutions together with customers and partners.

A forerunner in the climate transition

Our electricity grids enable the transition to fossil-free energy, but we also want to set an example in how we conduct our own business. In 2022, we adopted, among other things, new sustainability goals.

In the top tier among attractive employers

In 2022, Ellevio hired 150 new employees, and we need to continue growing, To recruit, develop and retain the right employees is crucial. Find out more about our focus to be an attractive employer.

Electricity networks – a regulated market

Electricity networks are basic infrastructure in every modern society; they must be robust, modern and have sufficient capacity. They are operated on a regulated market with local monopolies.

Extensive investments in all our network areas

Ellevio invests strongly in the electricity grids to manage society's needs for electrification, digitization, energy conversion and capacity enhancements. In 2022, the investments amounted to SEK 3,345 million.

A partner in the energy transition

Almost one million customers receives electricity without interruption via our electricity grids. We want to be their partner in the energy transition, and in 2022 our role became increasingly important.

Download the complete report

In our financial reports archive you can find the entire Annual and Sustainability Report 2022 as well as reports from previous years.

Text updated: 15 May 2023

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