Registration of inverter for approval before pre-registration

In order to submit a pre-registration for a new photovoltaic plant classified as type A (with installed power of 0.8 kW–1500 kW) on Ellevio’s power grid, the inverter to be used for the installation must be approved for connection to the Swedish power grid. On this page, you will find information on how to arrange the assessment of one or more models in order to be approved for inclusion in Ellevio’s inverter database.

An approved inverter is one of the prerequisites for a pre-registration of a type A photovoltaic plant in which the inverter is included. Inverters that are already approved for connection to Ellevio’s grid (provided they are set up in accordance with the submitted documentation) are currently included on the Installers website when registering a new photovoltaic case. The inverter must be approved for connection according to the following criteria:

  • EU Regulation 2016/631 (RfG) and Swedish Energy Markets Inspectorate regulation EIFS 2018:2 – Regulations to establish generally applicable requirements for the connection of generators to the grid (established in April 2019).
  • Additional specific technical requirements for protective functions and electricity quality parameters based on the recommendations of Swedenergy and Swedish standard SS-EN 50549-1

Who needs to file the registration?

It is primarily the manufacturer of the inverter who is expected to file a registration with us.

Wholesalers, dealers and installers of inverters who have the necessary documentation (see the list further down the page) are also welcome to file a registration on behalf of the manufacturer.

Registration for assessment of an inverter

If you have an inverter that has not yet been approved by us, you can create a new registration by completing the form below. We will then assess this inverter for approval and contact the specified contact person as needed. An incomplete or unclear document may lead to a longer processing time.
Documents to be included:

  1. Registration form for inverters intended for type A photovoltaic plants (with installed power of 0.8 kW–1,500 kW).
    • If the registration applies to multiple models, one form per model must be included
  2. Installation manual or installation guide for the inverter(s), if it is necessary to adjust the settings in accordance with the registration form
  3. Certificate/equipment certificate of compliance according to Swedish standard SS-EN 50549-1
  4. Document/certificate of CE marking

Technical documentation of the settings/values certified according to the above items must be presented on request.

Register an inverter here!

For queries about the technical documentation included, is the contact person the same as the submitter?